Sailing the Seas of Time [Inactive]
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the grand canyon’s south rim, photographed by rolf maeder using a twenty five second exposure and, for the first two pictures, a flashlight to illuminate the foreground.

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SIXTEEN/100 photos of ; zoe saldana


Some Amazing Roman Ruins in Foro Romano

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M!A: Exorcism - 3 hours - Open RP


Naberius ran through the door of the garden, taking a deep inhale, listening, peering around at the landscape before him. Oh, she was here, alright, because that pesky time lord who was too weak to kick him out of his body was riled and no longer laughing. He was once more clawing to get back in control, and somehow gaining ground. It gave the demon more than enough motivation to reach this infuriating woman and kill her before he could slam him from his mind.

He began to run, towards the only obvious place..the mountain at the center of the place. The way was easy for a being who felt no true pain or exhaustion, but by the time he’d gained the peak she was no where to be found. He howled in rage, and looked around him with shrewd eyes, quickly scanning the peak for hiding spots. This arrogant time lady was not going to keep him on this chase much longer!

Her scent was filling his nostrils, but without the mental sense, she’d blocked him from that somehow, damn her, he couldn’t track her movements. 

Like a dog he got on all fours and started tracking her, scrabbling through the rocks until hidden in a patch of gravel he found a door…locked. Of course. This must be where she’d gone. 

A quick survey of the surroundings found him a large rock - he pounded at the hinges one by one, busting them open and wedging the trap door open from the outside. He barely fit, crawling in a full fifteen minutes after the Corsair had made her escape.

And the Doctor was winning the war in his mind. He could feel the time lord, looming larger in their shared mind, more dangerous every second….

The Corsair and TARDIS were keeping track of Naberious’ progress as the pirate quietly relocated everything in a cupboard. Fifteen minutes in and she’s double timing, face pale and breath labored. If the Doctor didn’t hurry his arse up and get out of that mental cage he’d have to re-break the rib just to get it for her properly. 

Folding in on herself and letting loose a low involuntary wail, Cor fits herself inside one of the large cupboards under a workbench. It smelled of death in the room, things she should have had the TARDIS preserve but never thought to. Shameful, really. Absolutely shameful. Her sonic is gingerly pulled out and she quietly and as quickly as possible, immobilizes them The demon would have to pull the damn doors off to get to her. If he did, well, she’d take whatever he had to dish out, she couldn’t go any farther. 

There were no more trick doors for her to slip out of.


Sea of Love-Cat Power


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